sexta-feira, julho 22, 2005

hellectro-crash! @ trampolim bar # 8 [hattemachin*] 

"The Machin* was first designed in 1997. Shape was given to the first prototype. The virus was released amongst mankind in search of revolution or mass destruction. Fighting evil with evil, to build an empire and raise the age of chaos, the darkside and anarchy must come together. Test were made and results started to appear in riotous by 1999.
2003 - The Machin* was carefully re-designed, rebuilt and reprogrammed, in order to improve and develop the impact of actions. This is the 6th prototype, sharper, harder, more toxic and agressively skilled, efficiently spreading the virus from London... Take a look around and you'll find it in grey skies, terrorist attacks, riots, or in the eyes of the sick, the broken hearted, the homeless, the suicidal, the rebellious, the maniacal, the junkies, the killers, the poor, the freaks! Follow the trail of trash!! This is not a statment, this is a declaration of war! The Machin* is now more alive than ever and ready for collision. It won't calm down! Won't step back! Will resist! Will take over!! BE READY!" [*]


[*] Do site de hattemachin*