segunda-feira, setembro 05, 2005

hellectro-crash! @ trampolim bar # 9 [Zentex] 

"Zentex is finnish producer Jari Marjamäki. Born in Turku, Finland, he moved in the early 90's to Lisbon, Portugal, where he's currenly based. His career in music took off in the mid-nineties, when his interest in the fast-growing electronic music scene led him to purchase some electronic equipment, and he started programming and creating music on his own. After a while he received an invitation to collaborate, as a producer and programmer, with two local bands, Imago and XL, which resulted in him becoming a permanent member of both projects. One thing led to another, and soon he was busy collaborating with some half a dozen different projects at the same time (a modus operandi he still maintains today). As a result of these collaborations, he has always been in touch with a huge variety of different musical styles which have given him a vast experience and sensitivity in music production.
After some time, by the year 2001 he created his Zentex alias. In this project he concentrates mainly in expressing his vision of minimal electronica/techno and deep microhouse sounds, some electro, and occasional ambient workouts. As an experienced live-performer, he's had no trouble in adapting this solo project into a fully featured one-man live act, and he has since performed in some of the major portuguese clubs and events, including festivals Numero Festival, Boom Festival, SBSR, Optimushype @ Meco, Blue Spot, as well as major clubs like Lisbon's Lux and Barcelona´s The Loft. He has shared a slot with a long row of international artists, names like Miss Kittin, Thomas Brinkmann, To Rococo Rot, Luomo/Vladislav Delay, Sami Koivikko, Legowelt, Jori Hulkkonen, Zombie Nation, among many others.
He is one of the founders of Pulsar, a Lisbon based artist collective and a club organization, that have been responsible for some of Portugal's most vibrating electronic music events during recent years. Currently he is busy with deejaying (as dj Yari) and playing live with his many projects(Strip, PeakPong, 3 Wyze Men, Ballet Mecanico), and his other activities include running Pulsar's clubnights, organizing improvised electronic music sessions, and working with different visual and performative artists. For two years, he also hosted, with his friend Nuno Bernardino, a weekly radio show in Lisbon based Radio Oxigenio, featuring electronica, electro and techno." [*]


[*] Do site de Zentex [a.k.a. Yari]